The Age of bloggers- Lily Pebbles

Hello everyone!

I have been following blogs for years, as somebody who has been hugely interested in fashion for as long as they can remember. However I have always seemed to have dipped in and out of following them, as I grew up, changed styles and interests.

However, I’ve always seemed to have had a constant engagement with London based blogger Lily Pebbles. Her blog has remained relevant to me, yet also has moved with the times. She focuses on Beauty, Style, and lifestyle, covering every aspect of her life really. The chatty yet mature tone certainly influences my writing, as I feel that it is important to find the right balance.

The funny thing is that I don’t completely relate to Lily’s style, yet I find myself clicking on her posts whenever a new one arises. This is due to her ability to put together a coherent, aesthetically pleasing most time after time. Her images she posts (usually modelling in,) are very professional looking, and she manages to maintain a consistent theme throughout. This is inspiring to me as she has reached a level of professionalism that wouldn’t look out of place in a popular mainstream fashion publication. She has managed this by teaching herself, and has now a following of 413 thousand, on instagram.

Moreover, her self made image on social media and the internet in general is a genuine one. She is not afraid to be real with her audience and transparent. This is a trait hard to come by nowadays in the image obsessed generation we now live in. She promotes a wholesome image for young girls, and simultaneously teaches women independence and encourages feminism in the modern day.

I find it inspiring that 8 years of commitment has gone into creating an area on the internet which represents her well, and goes to show that blogging is a job which takes skill and passion, contrary to what many mainstream media outlets would like us to believe. It is important to remember that blogging was not seen as a career back in 2010 when she first started, yet has now engineered an entire career around this one website. This just goes to show how the fashion industry and the industries it supports really are ever changing.

You can find her blog here at –


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