Introduction to me…

Hello everyone!

If you have come across my blog then I assume that you have somewhat of an interest in fashion! Here I will treat this blog as a sort of Catharsis for emotion over fashion, and everything that comes along side that, for example my views on relevant issues such as sustainable fashion or the fair-trade materials market.

Currently, I am studying for a degree in Fashion Marketing and retail design at the University of South Wales. For me, I feel using this blog to voice my ideas alongside my comprehensive studies, will only enhance my learning. Given fashion is a creative industry it only makes sense to be able to have a personal, creative platform to spread any ideas regarding the industry.

Growing up in the suburbs of London, I have been lucky enough to live in one of Fashion’s largest hubs. This has certainly been a huge factor is helping me decide that the Fashion industry is something I wish to pursue. However, as with most things in life, with time and age- comes transparency. I no longer look at beautiful clothing and merely admire it as art, what comes to mind is more cynical thoughts. How many people have been exploited in the name of this garment? How much pollution will we now see as a result of more of these garments?

As someone of my generation I do feel responsible for ensuring that Fashion, something I am passionate about, is not something that ultimately makes climate change a permanent problem. I personally feel that fashion in the modern day is about so much more that just style and taste, and as the industry evolves so must our approach to sustainability.

I would probably say that my wardrobe consists of mismatching items. I enjoy buying different pieces that aren’t very common, and think that it reflects my personality somewhat. It is, in my opinion, vital when it comes to personal style to be individual as fashion can be said to be everyday art. It is a reflection of each person to the outside world, and represents culture, art and engineering all in one everyday sight. Despite the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ there is not one living person who can confidently say that they are a complete follower of this saying. Thus, style and fashion is one way in which you can quickly tell the world around you who you are, without saying a word.

I hope you enjoy the posts to come and that my blog can help ignite ideas for you or at least encourage a different viewpoint or two! 


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