My Tribe…

Hello everyone!

As a 19 year old fashion student, I can certainly say that fashion plays a huge part in my life. I am certainly a huge consumer of fashion, yet have noticed my habits change as I have become mostly self dependent at university.

90’s style is an influence for me.

Given funds are limited, (my part time job does not fund an extravagant lifestyle,) I have become more savvy when it comes to buying clothes. I am certainly drawn in by discounts and sales, and have learnt that all you need in some money, and lots of time to filter through your favourite shops to find the perfect outfit. I have recently seen how owning a staple wardrobe, as it were, can save you space, money, and a carbon footprint. In a world where fast fashion is a detrimental effect on our environment, it is our responsibility to really understand what we are buying. 

Garish prints are a favourite of mine.

Thus, I will purchase items with bright and vivid colours and patterns, which I know will match anything in my staple wardrobe. It really comes down to knowing what you own, and what you also will need in order to create your perfect wardrobe. Finding 4 year old jeans with the tags still on in the back of the wardrobe really doesn’t scream sustainability nor intelligence really…

I would say I have a range of style icons, and find it difficult to categorise my style, which is something I am quite proud to say. For example, I adore the outfits put together for the character Rachel Green in the 90’s sitcom ‘Friends,’ yet find huge inspiration in the more daring styles and prints worn by David Bowie in the 1970’s and 80’s. The way I see it, if you like it- wear it. It is easy to be pulled into the myth that you must have a consistent style which defines you. Contrary to the title of this post, you do not need to fit in with any tribe.

Thus, shops I like to shop in can range from Pretty little thing, and OhPolly, more popular shops, to individual vintage shops and charity shops. It really does help to shop around and find things which are A- Value for money and B- Items which make you happy. Money can buy you clothing- not style. That is up to the individual.

Trends I’m enjoying at the moment are A line cut skirts, a 90’s favourite, and extremely loud fur (Faux of course,) coats. These are certainly two popular trends at the minute, but are also timeless.

Therefore, take time when shopping and really think about ways in which to keep clothing sustainable. Donating to charity shops and clothing banks is always a good idea! However, let’s destroy the restrictions that the industry sometimes imposes. Style is subjective, so wear what makes YOU happy.


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