Access Vs Ownership

Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned perhaps once or twice, the every growing need for sustainability in the fashion industry is ever increasing. Fast fashion is something which most of us are guilty of, wearing items once or not at all. What we fail to remember that these items are made using fuels and materials.

It would be a more sustainable idea, to perhaps, share. If you know you will need a specific item once, surely the most sensible idea would be to rent it, or borrow from somebody else. Thus, this cuts out an entire production line when the use will not match the fuels used to create this product.

Understandably, some people would be against this idea, and believe that their purchase of the product limits usage to themselves. However I’m sure most people in their lifetime have experienced this sort of scheme, even if not explicitly described as ”borrowing.” For example the hiring of a prom dress perhaps. I’m sure most would agree that this would be too large an investment purchase to wear only once. With fast fashion the cost comes in the form of the environment, so why do we not take the same approach? It really does make sense.

A way in which this idea could really be launched would be through social media. It would be a handy way to find people near you who have items of interest. Platforms already exist such as Depop, which is more so for selling clothing. Whilst this is not exactly what I am proposing, it is a step towards more sustainability in the fashion industry, with the re-use of old or unwanted clothing.

Ownership is something that people do enjoy and take pride in when it comes to clothing. What I am trying to promote is merely a slight increase in borrowing, making fashion firstly-sustainable and secondly accessible. It really is a win-win situation.

Given that bloggers and social media stars have huge followings, platforms and thus responsibility, I could see their role being important in promoting such an idea. It is a collective responsibility which we must take an active role on, in creating an industry which we can be proud of.


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