Simon Sinek’s take on Millennials

Simon Sinek’s stance on Millennial’s use of social media and technology is the truth that nobody wants to hear. His direct approach, adressing the lack of genuine human interaction in not only the young, but most of modern society is a harrowing depiction of what direction western society is heading in. As a 19-year-old living in this society, I can safely say that Simon’s way of highlighting these addictions is accurate, as a peer of Millennial’s I see this first hand, and of course fall victim to the allure of dopamine-fueled social media fad. However, it is easy to pin the blame on technology and penalise the youth for being disconnected from reality. Thus, I raise the question as to whether this is down to the fact that the baby-boomers, have managed to create a reality which something is the newer generations are desperate to escape from. Financial strain on the youth for example, the housing crisis, something directly affecting the youth. This however, is a direct effect of the actions of older generations. Thus, before pinning Millennial’s as ‘unfocused’, why not delve deeper into what they are diverging their focus from?
It is easy and, in my opinion, lazy, to group together generations under one name. 75.4 million millennial’s in the world. How is it possibly accurate to label that many individuals with one issue? It can’t be denied that there is a huge issue regarding social media addiction. However, Simon Sinek goes as far to label the generation as entitled. This shortsighted, and frankly pessimistic approach is undoubtedly inaccurate, as the social media issue is not directly linked to work ethic nor the idea of entitlement.

Therefore, I feel as a response to this video, and to all people who hold similarly bleak views of the youth today, those being labelled must prove them wrong. I have faith in our generation that we will not be thought of as lazy nor entitled, and this will be evident through the challenges which are specific to this generation. For example climate change and political polarisation. The way in which these monumental issues are handled in the near future will determine whether Millennial’s are seen as active and progressive, or mere social media ‘scrollers.’

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